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Why Vegan GF Granola and Cookies?
I came up with these recipes when I had to clean up my diet for health reasons. I could no longer have soy, gluten, dairy and processed foods. Ugh! This was a rough adjustment. I searched for flavorful foods or snacks with wholesome ingredients but could not readily find them. Consequently, I had to figure it out myself by adjusting my current recipes and creating new ones. I loved sharing these creations with friends and family, not telling them just how healthy they were, just watching their surprise after learning they were vegan and gluten free. I have spent years doing this and with a lot of encouragement from those loved ones, I decided to sell it.

I hand select all ingredients mindfully. I chose quality brands that are organic, vegan, sustainable, pure, non-GMO and certified. Furthermore, I only choose those with flavor that is natural to that ingredient. No refined sugars are included. For those watching their sugar, cane sugar is in the semi-sweet chocolate chips.

I have created and packaged these vegan goods with sustainability in mind. All packaging is compostable (meets ASTM 6400 standards) or recyclable. I ship via a company who offsets 100% of the carbon emissions from shipping. 

All baked goods are made in small batches and made to order and placed in a recyclable stand up pouch, which is zip locked and heat sealed for freshness. Also I am addicted to mason jars...All my ingredients are stored in them in order to get away from plastic, but also I have found nothing keeps freshness like mason jars. 


I sell to cafes and grocery stores around the US and would love to hear about your place. Please email me and send me a link to your establishment, along with the baked goods you are interested in.


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