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OH Naturel Vegan Bakery, LLC

Why Vegan GF Granola and Cookies?

I came up with these recipes when I had to clean up my diet for health reasons. I could no longer have soy, gluten, dairy and processed foods. Ugh! This was a rough adjustment. I searched for flavorful foods or snacks with wholesome ingredients but could not readily find them. Consequently, I had to figure it out myself by adjusting my current recipes and creating new ones. I loved sharing these creations with friends and family, not telling them just how healthy they were, just watching their surprise after learning they were vegan and gluten free. I have spent years doing this and with a lot of encouragement from those loved ones, I decided to sell it.​


I hand select all ingredients mindfully. I chose quality brands that are vegan, sustainable, pure, non-GMO, certified and 75% to 100% organic (depending upon the product). Furthermore, I only choose those with flavor that is natural to that ingredient. No refined sugars are included. For those watching their sugar, cane sugar is in the semi-sweet chocolate chips.


I have created and packaged these vegan goods with sustainability in mind. My ingredients are either raw or minimally processed. All packaging is compostable (meets ASTM 6400 standards) or recyclable. Even the packaging popcorn is compostable. Also, I ship via Sendle who offset 100% of the carbon emissions from shipping. 


All baked goods are made in small batches and made to order and placed in a recyclable stand up pouch, which is heat sealed for freshness. Also I am addicted to mason jars. All my ingredients are stored in them in order to get away from plastic, but also I have found nothing keeps freshness like mason jars. I do offer my granola to be purchased in mason jars too, which makes a lovely gift in a reusable container.


Etsy Star Seller since September 2021

What makes an Etsy Star Seller?

- Only 5 Star customer reviews

- Exceptional customer service

- On time shipping and tracking

*Only 0.5% of Etsy's 5.2+ million sellers have received this status for 6 consecutive months!


Here is a sample of our customer reviews: 

"A great way to start the day with two cookies, half a banana and a cup of coffee. Delicious and exceeded my expectations!!!!!" - Vicky, May 2021

"Best cookies. Ordered 5 bags, shared at a family reunion, everyone loved them. Thank you!" - Denise, Aug 2021

"Absolutely delicious! I greatly appreciate that it not only tastes great, but has nutritious quality ingredients, ships quickly, and has excellent packaging to preserve freshness. Can’t go wrong with anything from this shop!" - Donna, Sept 2021

"Delish! These cookies are so fresh and yummy! We immediately ordered more as gifts for our family!" - Javin, Nov 2021

"This is my second purchase. The granola is delicious and crunchy with just the right amount of sweetness. I bought this as Christmas gifts for friends." - Ann, Dec 2021

"This granola is excellent!!!! Once you start eating it you can't stop!! Exceeded my expectations." - Soyara, March 2022

"The co-co oat cookies are DELICIOUS! Hard to believe they’re so clean and healthy! I was also sent samples of the almond date cookies, which was a nice surprise :) will definitely order again for my vegan and non-vegan friends!" - Meg, May 2022

"I first received these cookies as a gift and loved them! I honestly didn’t even know I could buy food on Etsy and here we are. Everything from the note in the delivery to the delicious cookies are really incredible. My son loves them too and I don’t mind giving him some since it’s all real, good ingredients. I’ll be purchasing more soon!"- Andrea, June 2022

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